Aikido at CrossFit Kyoto

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a non-aggressive Martial Art which means it is used defensively rather than offensively (protect not attack). The force of an aggressive attack is used against the attacker in order to control them without hurting them. This is the key point which makes Aikido different from other Martial Arts. As a result, Aikido techniques are used extensively by police and security forces around the world. Apart from the self-defense applications of Aikido there are many other benefits for Aikido students. For example:

  • health and fitness conditioning
  • physical and mental co-ordination
  • balance
  • flexibility
  • breathing
  • posture
  • physical and mental confidence

    There are many other aspects to Aikido but you will have to come to class to experience those for yourself.

    What do I need to do now?

    Please come along and observe a class or join in for a free trial lesson. You should wear loose comfortable sportswear, bring a hand towel and drink especially during the summer season.

    17:30-18:25 (Kids)
    18:30-20:00 (Adults)

    09:00-09:55 (Kids)
    10:00-10:55 (Adults)
    11:00-11:55 (Adults)
    12:00-12:55 (Kids and Family)

    If you wish to join the Dojo we can arrange a Dogi for you at a discounted price through our Dojo. We look forward to seeing you on the mat.

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